"The sea, ones it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forewer." Jacques Yves Cousteau.


Diving experience is quickly accomplished children in the surrounding water. After a simple presentation of diving activities kids are ready without fear dive into the sea. Diving center Rovinj-Sub is located near the beach in the bay of Val di Bora, and this location gives a lot of benefits for beginners and also provides a safe and simple conditions for students. For the first time we will guide you in shallow water, looking for a variety of Mediterranean fish and underwater flora and fauna. And for those who decide to become a certified diver, will be available many underwater cliffs, caves and wrecks. To become a Junior Open Water Diver is a wonderful and unforgettable experience for children from 12 years old and it is possible to do in the diving center Rovinj-Sub. Experienced instructors and guides will organize a trial dive with appropriate security and with all the necessary equipment: a suit, BCD, lead, regulator, mask, fins and a bottle with air. After a short introduction before dive and a few basic exercises - you are ready for trial dive with our instructor in the world, which will open unimaginable peace and freedom inside blue space.


In the trial dive it can participate up to two people, accompanied by an instructor. For minors the parents should sign Declaration of Responsibility (Schnuppertauchen A) and Medical Statement (Schnuppertauchen B) for the kids. This two documents you can download down here.

We are sure that you or your kid will always remember your first diving experience!

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