"The sea, ones it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forewer." Jacques Yves Cousteau.


    • Distance from the center: 17 NM
    • Length: 50 meters
    • Maximum depth: 30 meters
    • The minimum depth of 17 meters





It's a British espionage ship of the Second World War, Shakespeare class. Powered by steam engines, seaworthy, designed and equipped for navigation in bad weather conditions. The ship had a mass of more than 554 tons and was supplied with anti-aircraft guns and 30 anti-submarine torpedoes. Sunk in 1945 after hitting a mine near Novigrad. There are numerous nets on the wreck, that can be dangerous for divers. The wreck is under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of culture, so the diving is only possible via local divig centers that have permission from the Ministry of Culture.
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