"The sea, ones it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forewer." Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Giuseppe Dezza

    • Distance from the center: 8 NM
    • Length: 73 meters
    • Maximum depth: 37 meters
    • The minimum depth of 28 meters





Italian minesweepers that was built in September of 1913 and sunk on 17 August 1944. Until 1929, the ship was under the name "Pylades Bronzes", in 1929 the name changed to “Joseph Dezza”and finally in September 1943, when the ship was passed to the German Navy, it’s name was changed to "TA35". It was sunk by a British plane that was discovered during the routine reconnaissance flight. The torpedo destroyed the ship in two parts and consequently, the prow is 50 meters away from the stern. Divers mainly dive at the stern part, being the more interesting part. It lies in a right position and well noticeable stern gun and antiaircraft heavy machine-guns are main atraction for divers. The upper part is located 30mtrs deep with well preserved guns and covered with multi coloured seaweed and inhabited by various species of fish.
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