"The sea, ones it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forewer." Jacques Yves Cousteau.

John Gilmore

  • Distance from the center: 18 NM
  • Length: 50 meters
  • The minimum depth of 35 meters
  • Maximum depth: 45 meters
This merchant steamship by the name unknown, is believed to be one of the first ship sunk in Istria at the beginning of the First World War. According to details, the ship was built in an English shipyard and equipped with J. Gilmore engines, from whom he received his name. We can access inside of well maintained boat. Today the wreck lies at a depth of 45 meters, with the upper deck at 35 meters. Ship is 50 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is proposed exclusively in double immersion because of the distance from the center.
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